And the Winners are…

Congratulations to Larry “I can brew more than IPAs” Lentz (7CB) for his 1st place finish. Coming in 2nd was Jessica “2 for 2” Wyatt (VPH), and rounding out the top three was  Paolo “I need to brew” Stirpe (7CB) in 3rd.

Leading the overall scores are Jessica Wyatt (VPH) and Joey Tomasello (7CB) with 10 points each. Be sure to get all of the individual and club results (and our geeky statistics) on the results page.

Thanks to Our Volunteers

A big thanks to our judges Larry, Diane, Tim, Ulli, Brian, Martin, and Rob; and stewards Fred, Paolo, and (forgive me if I misspell the name) Alessandra. Also, a great big, heartfelt thanks to Chip and SSVA for letting use their training room. None of this would have been possible without your support.

Interested in becoming a judge, on the path to a BJCP certification, or just want to learn more about beer and brewing? We’ve got you covered. Come out and participate as a judge, steward or even a spectator. It’s a great time and who knows, you might teach us something. The schedule is on the competition page, and all you need do is drop us a line at and let us know you’re interested.

What’s Next?

The American IPA competition is up next in July, and this one is always big (and competitive). Also, the Belgian competition is November so it might be a good idea to get started on those. For all upcoming competitions and information, visit the competition page.

Until next time, Get out and brew something!