We have an amazing place to judge the competitions thanks to member Chip and his company, but we know getting to Virginia each on a Wednesday night isn’t always easy.

We’d like to move the judging locations and dates around so 1) They’re more convenient travel for members outside the Southside area and 2) Allow for moreĀ  availability on a Saturday.

We’ve been extremely fortunate to have Dave at Billsburg Brewery host last year (big thanks to Bryan and C.A.S.K.) and we’d like to continue that trend. If you know of a Brewery, Brewpub, Restaurant or other venue that can host offer a free space for 10-15 people, supply tables and chairs, and preferably have a small, separate area for competition management, please let us know. We’re happy to work with the venues and you can be satisfied knowing you brought the competition closer to home.

Just drop us a line on our contact page, and we look forward to coming to your town–nothing like home-court advantage.